Support the initiative

Support the Cannabis lawsuit - support the legalisation of Cannabis


Thank you for your or your interest in supporting the Cannabis lawsuit!

There are several ways in which this can happen:

  • similar cases in lawsuits against the Federal Government, see: Article: Can I support the lawsuit in a legal way?
  • inform your friends and acquaintances about the complaint on your social networks such as Facebook and via e-mail
  • especially as a journalist: Making inquiries to the court about when the lawsuit will be scheduled
  • back the action with one's money

Support the Lawsuit with Money

A lawsuit as such costs a lot of money, in several places, especially if it is meant to be successful:

the procedure could be opened, since the plaintiff has paid 1800€ for the court costs

Lawyer Volker Gerloff has to write invoices according to the scale of fees for lawyers

Action materials such as this website, flyers, videos, etc..

Our action group expects 35.000€ costs for the procedure.

This is an impressive sum that has to come together. We would like to cover it on the one hand with sponsoring, on the other hand with donations from you.

If you have another good idea, let us know (by eMail)!


Bitcoin is a digital and mathematically secured currency that we are happy to accept. Please send the Bitcoin to the following address:


Donation Account

The H.A.N.F. e.V. makes its account available for the Cannabis complaint.

Please ask for the account details by email to .

Donation by Paypal

Money can also be donated to the initiative via Paypal: